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Toyota Land Cruiser

SafariBook Evolution Arusha, Tanzania





AWD (4x4)


About this car

Great opportunity to see Tanzania :) We organize safari trips so you can rent car with an eglish speaking driver and petrol included. Our car is Toyota Land Cruiser Safari version. It's a a 5 sitter exluding driver. The driver will guide you to the most interesting places. This car has manual gearbox, 4x4, radio call, charger with the dc converter.


This car rental is possible only with our guide/driver. We have limit of kilometers per day 200km. But trust me that 200km/day is more than enough to see the beauty of Tanzania :)


Every day, but it's better to check the availability via Drivesurifng.com as our cars might be rented.

Car type: Comfort.

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SafariBook Evolution

Arusha, Tanzania

Jambo!! Welcome to SafariBook Evolution, a safari and tour operator that delivers an enthralling experience to our clients. We offer rich and diverse cultural heritage where you will experience a magical journey through breath-taking natural landscapes of Kenya & Tanzania. Choose from our wide range of Kenya & Tanzania safari tours with best price guarantee. Safari bookings has never been this easy We are based in Kenya and Tanzania, we offer safari packages too if you require. Feel free to contact us.

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