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By renting your car you can increase your home budget. Check the potential of your car.


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Most of the time your car is not in use. Rent it and start earning money. Finance your hobbies, credit, rent or anything!

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We don't impose anything on you, you have control - set the price of your car and decide when you want to share it with others.

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Need help? Our consultant will explain everything to you. We are available on Facebook, email or telephone. We will advise and assist you.

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my car?


Prepare your offer

Register an account and add your car. Prepare good photos of the car showing it in a nice environment (good photos give you a better chance of renting). Describe your offer carefully and set the price per day of rental.


Reply to customer requests

As soon as someone is interested in your offer, you will receive a question about car rental. Set rental details and confirm the conditions. Contract with the customer as soon as he reaches your city.


Meet your guest and accept payment

Meet with the customer and hand the car over to him. Take the agreed payment. Remember to advise on what is worth visiting in your city and offer help if necessary. First of all, have fun! Your car is making money!

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