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It’s simple to become host. Just register free account and add your car. Remember to confirm your e-mail and phone number. You decide how much money you can earn by sharing your car.

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Most of the time your car is not used. Rent it and use the extra income to fund your passions.


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We give you tips, knowledge and tools for managing a rental process.

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Become host and add your car to DriveSurfing. Describe it and add photos. The better you describe your car the more booking request you will get.

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Manage requests for your car. You can chat with users and get details about their needs. At any time you can accept or decline a request.

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You declare for how much you want to rent your car we provide you with the payment system (with a small commission).

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car position Soon

Your customer needs help or you want to know where is your car? Use our GPS tracker to see live position of your car. It is super easy to install and it's cheep

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