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11-02-2018 / Guide

Thailand – 10 places which you cannot miss

Katarzyna Cholewicka

Photo by Melenama

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country located on the India-Chinese Peninsula bordering among others with Loos, Cambodia and Burma.

Thailand is such a large and diverse country that it is impossible to visit it if you just take a short holiday. Thailand should be contemplated with proper seriousness as a monk or let it be unknowingly absorbed and embarked.

In the following article you will find places where you can enjoy a wild party and if you have a good madness you will taste the forbidden fruit, as well as places that allow you to accomplish the state of nirvana.

Because the new saying goes “What happened in Thailand stays in Thailand”.

Wat Pho (Bangkok)

Mecca for tourists, who practice Buddhism. In the Wat Pho Temple, the Buddha is resting, measuring 46 m long and 15 m high.

The statue of Great Buddha is located in one of the oldest complexes in Thailand. For the entrance to museum you must pay a fee, but it is worth seeing due to beautiful ceramic decoration that we can find on the premises of building, as well as other Buddha’s presentations. At the place as in any great place, there applies a full garment covering legs and arms. Fortunately, the monks we meet there offer free covers for the forgetful.

Photo of Wat Pho

Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang – the Grand Palace in Bangkok

If you stand in a long queue in full clothes and in a 40-degree heat, it sounds terribly, add a lot of noise to it and multiply it by two – YES, you are in the right place and in addition you must pay 500 bth.

In spite of above, don’t give up because the Grand Palace is a place you simply have to see, without visiting it is shame to come back. I’m sure you don’t want to hear: “You’ve been there and you haven’t seen it! What a pity”.

The Grand Royal Palace is a place, which construction was begun in 1782. This happened during the reign of Rama I (the first monarch of the Chakri dynasty). The Grand Palace is a complex creating specific city in the city, where you can find a temple with emerald Buddha made of Jasper (one of the most important figures for the Thais), as well as Libraries and numerous chambers, bedrooms, auditoriums and residences. However, since 1925, the King of Thailand has not resided here permanently. State ceremonies are still held on the territory of “town”.

We said what you can find and we revealed the genesis, but what to admire here? Architecture and a combination of Thai and European style. You can enjoy beautiful ornaments, rugged golden roofs, white walls and number of sculptures that not only decorate the interior, but also show everything what is Thai and beautiful mosaic decorations. And even though you won’t experience the sacred here, you will feel like a king who lived in a palace until 1925. The whole creates a unique and difficult to describe aura.

In the “town” are held all State celebrations, and therefore it is worthwhile earlier to check the royal schedule in order not to come in with a visit without announcement. As I have already mentioned at the beginning, you must be dressed from head to toe, otherwise you will be forced to buy the right clothes in a stand located not by chance at the entrance. Many Taj people make a fortune of their life on you.

Photo of Phra Borom Maha Ratcha Wang - Lin Mei

Wat Saket – Golden mountain

An oasis of peace in this hot city. Definitely it will be something else to which you have become accustomed by the hustle and bustle of tourists and the Grand Palace.

A place that encourages relaxation and reflection. The higher you go, the more peace and calmness you will feel, and only the sound of bells, bell and drums will reach your ears.

The golden roof under which you will go, hides a place of religious worship. Before you enter its peak after paying a ticket at the cash desk, you will pass through a small garden where you will find Buddha’s statues and Thai characteristic animals in corners.

At the very top, a beautiful view on Bangkok is stretching. Looking at the city in a hurry, you feel as if you were the only one in the state of Konstans. Don’t be surprised by the monks or the fact that you suddenly speak quieter, this place doesn’t require, but it obliges you to be quiet, perhaps due to its history.

The neighborhood of Wat Saket was a gloomy place in the times of Rama I – there where held executions and funerals.

Photo of Wat Saket

Khao San Road – street of sin

These three attractions are located in Bangkok and here we will stay a bit longer moving to the street of sin Khoa San Road – that’s where everything begins.

Khoa San Road is a street that does not stop – shops, counterfeit booths, massage and beauty salons, bars, cafes and restaurants won’t squint during the season, and the season is always here, so the residents of this street simply don’t sleep and offer everything you are ready for.

In addition, from this street is close to all described higher retinue and palaces, and Kho San Road is characterized by a continuous event. When in the evenings individual pubs start playing live music, after already a moment you won’t know what kind of party you are participating. Everything is flooded with each other, and after 12 p.m. it is almost impossible to move there.

It is always crowded and bustling here, and when you go to the Thai massage, you won’t at least for a moment rest from the noise, here even the soundproofed doors let through all the sounds of the street. You won’t get hungry, because the restaurant offers every kitchen. You don’t have the right to get bored, because this street is the starting point for your adventure, so watch out what you are asking for from the local driver Tuk tuk, because he will provide you with it.

Photo of Khao San Road - Jaume Escofet

Elephant Rehabilitation Centre

If you have tried the popular Chang beer in Bangkok, you have certainly noticed that there is an elephant on the label. So let’s go on a Chang, i.e. on an elephant!

In Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand there is a very popular, but not commercial, care centre for these truly unusual animals (to learn more about this “human” animal, I strongly encourage you to read the book entitled “African Love Story, Daphne Sheldric”).

In the centre we will come across happy elephants, which nobody forces to work or bring tourists on their backs, which unfortunately is still occupied by their health. They are often forced to do such work by means of spikes and whips.

In the Elephant’s Rehabilitation Centre we will not find these practices. Here you can spend the whole day with these animals. In the trip’s program you provide them with entertainment by pouring water and mud over them – which they love. I assure you, you will enjoy it more than a ride. It is worthwhile to take a morning bath here, starting at 9:45 a.m. Your pay contributes to save more specimens, including those who spent their entire lives in the circus.

Photo of Elephant Rehabilitation Centre - Michael

Koh Phi Phi Don

After visiting Bangkok, our legs are already a little hurt and we long for heavenly beaches? It is high time to take the direction of Kho Phi Phi Don. And maybe these are not the most beautiful beaches, or you won’t find there peace of mind to practice yoga, but it’s also good to go here anyway.

What this island, which suffered a deadly tsunami in 2004, has to offer? I will start by saying that after the tsunami, which took about 5 000 lives, there is no longer any trace of this. Only signposts informing us where to go in case of new tragedy have remained.

Basically it is an island that can be described in 3 words: tattoo, full moon party and massage!

Tattoo and Massage – Kho Phi Phi Don is a place where tattoo and massage studio (how it will end depends only on you) is alternately located. In case of both entertainments, it’s important to choose wisely and hygienically, when after full moon party you decide to have a tattoo, make sure your tattoo studio is certified. Tattoo in Thailand is very popular and original, because it is made using bamboo method, which is shallower and less bloody than a commercial tattoo machine. I recommend it!

Full moon party – as the name indicates, it is a party in the moonlight and what’s more on the beach! Some can be tired of it, but hello! How often do you go to such events? The main attractions include: body painting with fluorescent paints, walking on hot coal, passing under ropes on fire and juggling shows (I omit everything else what you can find on a typical party). Did you say how often do you go to such parties?

Photo of Koh Phi Phi Don

From Koh Phi Phi to nearby islands

If you got up quite early, it’s certainly not because the event was unsuccessful, but it’s only a sign that the day before you made an advance payment to visit the Heavenly beaches by boat. Finally, you will see what monitor of your computer showed so far. If you don’t want to lose your friends, don’t post taken photos on Facebook.

The local steersmen have a lot of trips to offer. Here is a list of islands worth visiting:

Koh Phi Phi Leh – with a beautiful Maya Bay beach – does it ring a bell? You think “was I here in the previous incarnation?”. Well, no! Maya Bay is a beach, on which the action of the film with DiCaprio was shot “The Beach”. It makes an impression if you go deep into it. It is very small, there is no chance to get lost and experience silence.

Viking Cave – the local legend says that Vikings hid here and actually the wall paintings indicate it. Nowadays, the island is home to a species of swallows, of which nests is obtained well-known in Bangkok and Hong Kong soup, rich in macro and microelements, which taste like... well, you should try it yourself.

Photo of Viking Cave

Monkey Beach – which means not to come here without bananas! The monkeys on this island are so hungry that they eat everything else that you will have at your disposal. These sweet looking animals can sometimes be aggressive towards themselves and people. This is said to be because of lack of sufficient food. So be careful, because their bite will end on vaccines. Don’t ask from where I know that…

Photo of Monkey Beach

Koh Lipe – that is Thai Maldives

Cozy island 3 km long is a very nice place for views, but unfortunately a little dirty if you go further than your resort. After all, you can rest here, because it is much calmer here, and each hotel is located at the very beachfront and has hammocks – how wonderful. To get to Koh Lipe you don’t need to plan it, because every travel agency will arrange a transport from A to Z from every place in Thailand.

Photo of Koh Lipe

From Koh Lipe to water i.e. diving

The Koh Lipe locals call themselves “marine gypsies” and that’s saying something! Water is clearer here than it has been so far, and this is probably the right moment to dive.

There are many places on this small island that offer this type of entertainment at different levels of experience. You can start by snorkeling or diving in the middle of ocean. I recommend a strong pantry or one-piece outfit, because there are no jokes here. The current is so strong that there is nothing to discuss with the instructor, the water is a force of nature by which you become tiny. Take a piece of bread for a trip, so you could take the best photos of colorful fish by throwing pieces of bread around you.

Photo of Koh Lipe Water Diving

Koh Adang – is it heaven?

Undoubtedly for me number is the number one to rest. There are only 2 high standard hotels on the whole island. Here you will experience nirvana. I believe you’re familiar with:

- Can you hear it?
- No, I can’t hear anything.
- Exactly!

And this reflects the climate of paradise in which you are… Well, I lied, because apart from silence you will hear here geckos, which are quite a lot.

The island is located in the Marine National Park of Tarutao and as for a very small size (only 30 square km) has a lot to offer. There is a small waterfall, where you can cool down and a beautiful viewpoint, from which you can see among others: Koh Lipe.

It’s hard to describe how good it is to be here, I encourage you to make it the last point you’ll visit on a trip to Thailand.

Photo of Koh Adang

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