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15-10-2016 / Guide

Top 10 places that you need to see in Majorca

Łukasz Rosa

Photo by Andrés Nieto Porras

Mallorca is Spain's largest island, which belongs to the Balearic Islands. Once called "Island of Peace" today is one of the main tourist regions of Europe.

10. Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is situated on the south coast of Majorca on the Bay of Palma. As of the 2009 census, the population of the city of Palma proper was 401,270, and the population of the entire urban area was 621,000 making it the twelfth largest urban area of Spain. - Read more in Wikipedia.

Photo of Palma de Mallorca - SBA73

9. Pollensa

Pollença is a town and municipality situated in the far north corner of the island of Majorca, near Cap de Formentor and Alcúdia. It lies about 6 km (4 mi) west of its port, Port de Pollença. - Read more in Wikipedia.

Photo of Pollensa - Barry Lewis

8. Valldemosa

Is a village and municipality on the island of Majorca, part of the Spanish autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. It is famous for one landmark: the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa, built at the beginning of the 14th century, when the mystic and philosopher Ramon Llull lived in this area of Majorca. - Read more in Wikipedia.

Photo of Valldemosa - Andrés Nieto Porras

7. Formentor

Peninsula with a length of more than 20 km to the northwest of Majorca. It is a place that can not be missed and also one of the most scenic places in Majorca.

Photo of Formentor - MollySVH

6. Es Trenc Beach

Beach with a length of 4 km strewn with white sand in the company of turquoise water. Right next to the beach stretches the pine grove. Es Trenc is located approx. 30 minutes by car from the most popular resorts and Platija Arenal de Palma.

Photo of Es Trenc - Cristian Bortes

5. Soller

The biggest attraction of the island is a historic train ride Ferrovial de Soller, whose route runs from Palma to Port de Soller. Partier is a very scenic route.

Photo of Soller - bea & txema & alan

4. Puerto de Soller

Puerto de Soller is about ten minutes away by tram. It is the only naturally shaped harbor on the west coast. Serene life deprived of a hurry accompanied lazily bobbing boats in the harbor.

Photo of Puerto de Soller - Cristian Bortes

3. Deia

The prettiest of the villages in Mallorca situated in the mountains on the north coast (approx. 10 km from Valldemossa). Location has always attracted many artists. Here lived Robert Graves - author of the novel "I, Claudius".

Photo of Deia - Demarsay

2. Cuevas del Drach

Very interesting attraction of Majorca - a cave called "dragon" on 2,5km long, has one of the world's largest underground lakes (long to nearly 200 meters wide and 30 meters).

Photo of Cuevas del Drach - Stefan Kellner

1. Alcudia

It is a place to which you must necessarily visit due to its interesting history. The city inhabited by the Phoenicians, later was taken over by the Greeks until the Roman invaders established it the capital of Majorca, calling them simultaneously Pollentia.

Photo of Alcudia - Cristian Bortes

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